Why are there no scrollers in the transform Menu next to X, Y, Z axes


I finad it hard to move a model when a pivot is far away. Normally, I go to TOP view and press Wireframe etc (so it takes more time)

I can’t find a simple way to move a model by a few meters using just the mouse and not having to locate the pivot and drag the arrows.

There are scrollers next to the scale input but no such srollers in the movement input in the TRANSFORM menu. I know I CAN type specific numbers in the imput but I just want to scroll so that I can move the model along an axis using the mouse.

Thanks for any feedback to my feedback :slight_smile:

Hey Yarek, I’ve discovered recently that you can move selected object by axis with CTRL+ Left Mouse Button/Right Mouse Button/Both. Of course it’s not scrollers, but still pretty handy :slight_smile:

That needs to be included in the Tutorials tips pop-up or some basic controls of UE4 wiki article online.

Hey everyone,

I’ve entered a feature request in for both of the following: Implementing scrollbars for transform widgets, as well as updating our tutorials/documents/wiki pages to include CTRL+LMB/RMB or both to move the selected button by axis. If these requests need to be referenced in the future, please refer to: UE-12875 and UEDOC-1428


Thanks zeOrb, asperatology, Samantha for the response. I am glad that someone else finds this useful. Thanks for the hint about using CTRL+ Left Mouse Button/Right Mouse Button/Both.

Unreal Engine developers could also think about implementing the solutions from AUTOCAD or SKETCHUP.

Simply when you move an object, you first hint with a mouse what direction/axis you want it to move and then type numbers from your keyboard (without having to locate any input slots). That is the most intuitive way I can think of. At least for me because I have Architecture/design background and I am used to this software. But either way, I think it is a good idea to consider the solutions known from software that people are familiar with.

Maybe there is such an “Autocad-like” moving solution in Unreal and it still waits for me to discover it:) I am still quite new to this. Well, since I am still on this topic. Why don’t we move objects by reference. For example I want to move an object to a position that would be e.g. 2 meters from another object. :slight_smile: But maybe that is too advanced. Still, This is something to consider.

The same refers to scaling by reference or rotating by reference. For example I want to scale an object but it should not exceed a refence size, go out of bounds.
Rotating by reference is even more useful. For example I want to rotate an object so that one corner of it aligns or is directed towards a different object or point. In Autocad this is solved by having a reference line that shoots from a center of an object and you can rotate it and snap it to specific points in the scene.

Such advanced tools might not be useful for game development but since Unreal is getting increasingly more popular in the architecture field, such tools could are worth considering.