Why are there never any answers on animation questions?

It seems like some member of staff will always answer a general blueprint question, and Miesko often answers the questions about AI. Is there no staff member that answers animation questions?

I’ve been on this hub for over a year and none of my anim questions are ever answered. If there is indeed someone that knows about this at Epic, it would be really amazing to get their eyes on the answerhub.

Well maybe they are too busy to answer, keep in mind AnwserHub is suppose to be more community driven then be holy Epic oracle. You can also try asking on forums.

I know, and I hope my question doesn’t come off as a moan. I’m going to start answering a lot of anim stuff myself because I brute forced the learning on it over the years now anyway. Would be great to have a specialist occasionally look in though.

Had the same point but haven’t got to creating a question about it. Also i was trying to contact you regarding a cooperation and some questions about cover system and didn’t find any contacts of yours. Can you please share your email? Or write me on rainfarer@gmail.com ?