Why are the trees overlaping with eachother

Hello! I’m new in UE. I’m trying to create simple game that shown in this tutorial: Unreal Engine 4 Course - From Beginner To Pro - YouTube
im like in 1 hour and 30 min and when I click to play all the trees are overlaping with eachother and I dont know why I need help

Probably because you need to set the spawn radius in the foliage tool


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Im rly sorry im new to this but when I try it gives me this message

Blueprint /Game/Blueprints/BP_Bush.BP_Bush is in use.

Running the editor with ‘-NoLoadStartupPackages’ may help if the object is loaded at startup.

External referencers of Blueprint /Game/Blueprints/BP_Bush.BP_Bush:
GCObjectReferencer /Engine/Transient.GCObjectReferencer_0 (root) (7)
0) [[native reference]]
1) [[native reference]]
2) [[native reference]]
3) [[native reference]]
4) [[native reference]]
5) [[native reference]]
6) [[native reference]]
K2Node_DynamicCast /Engine/Transient.PROTO_BP_Blueprint_0:UserConstructionScript.K2Node_DynamicCast_2811 (1)
0) ClassProperty /Script/BlueprintGraph.K2Node_DynamicCast:TargetType
K2Node_ClassDynamicCast /Engine/Transient.PROTO_BP_Blueprint_0:UserConstructionScript.K2Node_ClassDynamicCast_2811 (1)
0) ClassProperty /Script/BlueprintGraph.K2Node_DynamicCast:TargetType
K2Node_SpawnActorFromClass /Game/Blueprints/BP_Grass.BP_Grass:create single group of outer bushes and rocks.K2Node_SpawnActorFromClass_0 (1)
0) [[native reference]]
K2Node_SpawnActorFromClass /Game/Blueprints/BP_Grass.BP_Grass:create bush or rock.K2Node_SpawnActorFromClass_1 (1)
0) [[native reference]]
Function /Game/Blueprints/BP_Grass.BP_Grass_C:create single group of outer bushes and rocks (1)
0) [[native reference]]
Function /Game/Blueprints/BP_Grass.BP_Grass_C:create bush or rock (1)
0) [[native reference]]
BP_Bush_C /Engine/Transient.World_1:PersistentLevel.BP_Bush_C_6 (1)
0) [[native reference]]
BP_Bush_C /Engine/Transient.World_7:PersistentLevel.BP_Bush_C_0 (1)
0) [[native reference]]
BoxComponent /Game/Blueprints/BP_Bush.BP_Bush_C:Box_GEN_VARIABLE (1)
0) [[native reference]]