Why are the sockets so large on my skeletal mesh?

Hello. I have a gun turret thing that I animated and imported into UE4.

The dimensions as you can see aren’t very small and the unit conversion is set to metric. Knowing 1 UE4 unit = cm I exported and imported it into the engine with a scale of 1 and these settings.

In the scene, the mesh is the correct size and the animations play properly. When I try to add a socket it appears very large and I cannot scale it in the skeletal mesh editor.

I add a preview mesh to see if the socket size is the issue and the preview mesh envelops the entire mesh and the surrounding platform despite being similar in size.

Any insight into what’s going on would be awesome. Thanks! :slight_smile:

This is part of a bigger problem I think. Unreal seem to think that bones imported from Blender are super small, so small that they can’t even generate a collision properly (I always get an error saying my bones are too small when I import). I’ve been at it all day trying different scales etc, but even if the mesh is huge in the unreal editor the sockets are way bigger… Thought Blender 2.76 would fix it but it didn’t, even with all the “new export options”… Sry I cant help :frowning: will be following this thread

Thank you so much for your reply. Hopefully updates in the future will take care of this problem.

Holy moly I figured something out…!!!
If my armature is scale 1 but the mesh is scale 100 then I don’t get an error message in Unreal… If you have your model as you want it in blender, then scale the armature by 100 and apply the scale, now your armature will be scale 1 but your mesh will be scale 100… This unfortunatly breaks any animations with disconnected bones… So either set the scale before you animate or make sure all your bones are connected