Why are the shapes snapping to half of the grid?

Why are the shapes snapping to half of the grid?

can they get on the grid?

hmm, when i choose the floor from the starter content/ architect foldr, it does snap, the image above was a shape from the modes/bsp area…wacky

Looking for 2 hours on how to scale textures, should not be this hard. I want to right click a texture and click size.

Somebody please tell me how to size a texture :frowning:

On the top right corner of the viewport is a setting to control the snapping units. To change texture mapping on a mesh you can select the surface and then go into the properties

and after that?

As DarthViper suggested you’ll need to go into the details panel on the right side once you’ve selected the face you want to adjust the texture size of. You’ll find an option to adjust the Scale properties. Adjust the U and V drop down to the size you’d like. Smaller will make your texture resolution increase and higher values will make the texture resolution descrease. Once you’ve selected your values hit apply and you’ll see the UV for that face change accordingly.

Im sorry for being a noob at ue4, but i still cant find it :confused:

i am seeing images online with a geometry tab, i dont have it

Ah, I see the problem here. In your first post you were using a BSP brush. This is a static mesh, which are both handled differently.

For the sake of coverage I’ll list both methods here with images below. :slight_smile:

To adjust resolution of texture on BSP:

As we said above you’ll need to select the face of the BSP and then adjust the scale for the U and the V then apply.


For Static Meshes you’ll need to set this up through the Material that is assigned to the mesh:

Here is a basic setup for scaling textures. You’ll use the texturecoordinate node and set value to scale it up or down. Using a higher value will scale the texture so that it tiles more. A lower value will make the texture appear larger.

In my setup I set an even value of 3 for the U and the V. As you can see the texture has three rows and three columns where it is now tiled. If you have a tiling texture like your brick pattern this will look better.


I hope this helps!


i have it finally, you have to add a texCoord box in the blueprint window -_-

thank you so much!

I will figure this program out one day!

1 week ago i never programmed in my life, nobody is jumping on the Experience bandwagon, so i will just have to learn myself :slight_smile:

Proper scaling is super important for VR

I still think its dumb that i have to mess around with a duplicate, to find proper scaling

this should not happen, these 2 sizes should be identical automaticly

Does anybody know how to play as this guy i made?, its an .fbx

I dont want any animations, it will be used for real time in-game motion tracking
some things in ue4 are utterly userfriendly beyond belief, and other thing that should have been simple are excuciatingly hard without an education. just like there is no simple button that says change texture size, there is no simple button that says, play as this character

Hahah, I sure wish there was an engine which did everything for you with just one press of a button :smiley:

For characters you have to rig them with bones in your 3D program, UE4 then has a retargeting tool where you can set the rig you made to use animations that are already included with UE4.

yes! where is that “make me an awesome game” button :slight_smile:

Thank you.

I have imported the model directly from MakeHuman, i suppose i had to send it to another program first…