Why are the mouse input not using the world delta second in the third person content example?


By default in the third content example, Epic’s staff don’t use the world delta second for the mouse input, but they do use it for the controller input. Why is that . Should I correct this or am I missing something ?

I realy don’t know why this is. But propably it have to do with the axis values from the Controllers. You can try to use only the axis value. This should be from -1 to 1. If you don’t multiplay this, then you’ll get almost no reaction. By multiplying this witch Delta time i think it is handled, that on slower or faster machines are no differences appears.

Both input should be multiply by the world delta time in order to stay consistent between different framerate, unless the mouse input are someway framerate independant in UE4 but that would make no sense…

Epic’s implementation is correct.

Mouse delta is the absolute movement of the mouse since the last frame, so it is already framerate-compensated. This is a first-degree mapping - mouse movement maps directly to ingame movement (although you can do more complicated stuff…for example Windows doing mouse acceleration to improve the cursor speed).
Stick axis, on the other hand, is a second- or third-degree mapping - the stick position maps to velocity/acceleration (depending on the implementation), which means it has to account for the time delta.

Thank you very much Chris! I was indeed missing something :stuck_out_tongue: