Why are the Maya style viewport controls inverted?

The Maya style controls for tracking the camera left/right/up/down are inverted from how they behave in Maya. Could you please fix this asap.

In perspective view hold alt and MMB then drag up, note the camera moves up, this is the opposite of how may works. This problem occurs for left, right, and down as well.

This problem does not occur for rotating or dollying the camera in and out, just tracking it around.

Unreal version 4.1.1-2066463+++depot+UE4-Releases+4.1

Oops, sorry looks like there is an invert setting in the settings. Sorry about that, feel free to delete this post.

Where exactly is this invert setting in the settings?

Edit> Editor Preferences> Viewports> Invert middle mouse pan

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Thanks for that. I thought I was going a bit nutty regarding the camera controls… then realized they WERE backwards to Maya.