Why are the faces transparent on part of my mesh?

So i’m trying to make a lamp with a translucent lightbulb that shows the glowing filament inside. So far it’s kind of working, except for the rest of the lamp’s body. (see below) I don’t know what this kind of artifacting is called.

upon first glance, it looks as if the normals are wrong. But that’s not the case at all. I went back into my 3D package, to check my face normals and all of them are facing the correct direction. So it’s not the geometry’s fault. So my conclusion is that something may be wrong with the textures or the material. i’ve tried making both sides of the polygon’s visible, but that only seems to make it worse.

The textures i’m using are 32bit Targa images. is there something wrong with my setup? What do i need to add or take away?


It’s not a material problem. Your mesh’s normals are flipped so you need to go back to your modeling program, flip faces and reimport.

Did you read my description? They are not flipped! I checked! All the them are facing the correct direction!

They may not be in your modeling program but obviously they are in engine. Something must have gone wrong while exporting or during the creation of the model.

I have the same problem. my presumption is you have to assign elements a separate glass material, and turning whole object translucent makes non-translucent parts,(masked out parts) do funny flipped polys. either that or there’s a simple trick to this mess