Why are the assets on "New Content" not in order of release date?

Hello everybody,

With the mass of assets we have at the Unreal Engine Marketplace now it gets harder and harder to actually browse for assets. That’s why I decided to make my own little “browser” for it and I noticed something.
Yesterday (or today night) two new assets were released: “Modular Overgrown Village” and “Amusement Park Props” as I can see here (Script checks marketplace every 30 minutes for new items and adds them in the “right” order (only items after “Skulls and Bones” are correctly ordered at the moment):

But when I look at the “New Content” page of the Marketplace I find them at the bottom of the page:

Using a 1920x1080 screen, I wouldn’t have seen the new two items if I hadn’t zoomed out.
Why are the new items not ordered by date? I check the New Content page multiple times a day to see if new interesting content is there for me that I might purchase, but w/o my custom page I wouldn’t even see them at the first glance, need to scroll down all the “New” items and remember which one of those are actually new.

IKR its so annoying

Yeah terrible change. Also noticed some are marked featured and not new.

give us access to your own browser, that is capapble of odering them somewhat right xD

Some of the new assets appear on page 3 or 4, which is really terrible, since many users might not even be aware of these new assets, killing the possibility for sales entirely…!

I have made a Twitter bot for now that notifies when a new asset comes out:
Doesn’t solve the problem in general, but helps enough.

This is very annoying.
Been waiting for months for my approved pack to get released. When it was put finally up, its shoved way back to stuff from weeks ago with no “new” tag it was already hard enough to get exposure with how much new content is getting added.

Yes, annoying really. Thanks to Xi4’s twitter bot, I’m getting my UE4 marketplace news from there.

Thanks! It certainly allowed me to discover many assets I didnt see even though I looked the new content tab through before!

This should be fairly simple to fix… And should be adressed very soon.
I think Amanda is substituting Alex, so here is a ping: @Amanda.Bott

Just adding my voice to this. I currently have to go through every page of new content to check what new items have been released. It is hard to keep track of what I’ve seen or not seen.

This must be extremely frustrating for marketplace content creators. We can’t easily see what’s new, and spend our money!

Yes, it’s very unpleasant. My pack at the time of the release was immediately on the last page of the new content. And it seems like almost no one knows about this pack.

You’re welcome. Glad to see it’s useful to some people. Will further polish my custom browser page in the next few days when I have time.
Updated the Twitter bot meanwhile to show pricing and post the proper link (previous link used catalogItemId and showed “Unavailable” button)

I would like to +1 this as well. Everything that needs to be said has been said but as someone that browses it on a daily basis i would really like to see this fixed soon.

As a seller, I’d like to see this fixed too.