Why are textures showing as black in my bp?

Hi everyone,

I created the high-poly red chair, and set the blueprint, put it into the project. But after the build, it’s only black color! Another one is the high-poly sofa, also set the blueprint, but still like this…

Has anyone ever be like this? I have no idea for this. Please give me some recommend, thank you so much!

Do they have proper lightmap UV’s? What kind of spotlight are those in the level(static or stationary?)

Ok, then the problem is the meshes are set to movable in their BP’s, and since static mobility lights dont generate volume light samples for dynamic objects they are receiving no light. So you need to set the mobility of your meshes to Static in the BP and then rebuild the lights.

Yes, they have proper lightmap UV’s, but I don’t want to set too high lightmap resolution to avoid dirty, so I set the BP for them. And the spotlights are static in the level.