Why are static mesh collision settings not transferring when I create a new mesh?

I have multiple static meshes in a level with custom collisions . When I copy an existing mesh the new mesh will always have the collision set to Block all.

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Are you attempting to create a copy of the mesh in the content browser or a copy of the mesh in your level? Further which collision setting are you altering? The collision settings in the Static Mesh Editor window or in the details panel of the main viewport? Thank you!

I am attempting to move a copy of the mesh from and to a level . After a second look , it seems that when the object uses a pre set collision (Block all etc) it will copy over the settings. We have custom collision of different damage types that we are using and the issue will only occur when the object has custom collisions.

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I have not been able to reproduce this issue, can you please outline the exact steps you used to create this effect so I can better assist you? Thank you!

Hi , sorry for the slow reply.

I have a static mesh with custom collision set.

When I make a copy of the object the collision settings for the copied object will be set to Block all.

I have tried the same process with the collisions pre sets and the collision settings will copy over . It is only an issue when using custom collisions.


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Thank you for your reply, the images and walkthrough helped and I was able to reproduce this issue. I will attach this post and my findings to a bug report to be assessed. Thank you and have a great day!