Why are some of my skel meshes disappearing under Mobile/HTML 5 Preview Rendering Level?

We’re working on a mobile game and have a few NPCs whose meshes disappear when the game is set to Mobile/HTML 5, under Preview Rendering Level, and also do not show up on 3 of our mobile devices. They are visible under Shade Model 4 and 5, but this doesn’t help us out for our mobile game.

We have 4 NPCs that are visible and aren’t affected by this problem, and 4 NPCs that are, even though they were all created in a similar manner. Their collision capsules are still visible and the actors can still be interacted with.

Not sure what the culprit could be after investigating. Everyone is also set to Visible, and I reset XForm on the problematic meshes and re-imported in a test map to no success.

If someone from Epic would reply, I would be more than happy to provide files and screenshots.

So in my research, I was able to get all of our NPCs viewable in-game in the mobile/html 5 preview rendering level by greatly reducing the amount of skinned bones in the NPCs, however there were a bunch of inconsistencies. Our main character has 87 skinned bones, and I noticed the rest our NPCs were coming in with that amount or greater. Some were coming in and visible with 94 and 104 total skinned bones, some were only visible at 74 skinned bones, 75, or 80…it was different for everyone. Now I understand NPCs should not have the same amount of bones or more than the main character, so I ended up taking down the amount of skinned bones to 61 for all NPCs, and they were all finally visible in-game. It seemed like total bone count didn’t matter, but the amount of skinned bones that did.