Why are some assets not appearing in game?

First off, I find posting this to be useless but will give it a try any how and hope the best to get some kind of answer if any. Now, my issue is that I have been trying to create a project for some time and things were working out well with no issues. Just recently I have been having issues with many assets not appearing in the game but will appear in the editor. Assets such as walls, flooring, furniture, braziers, etc., will not show up when I test the game. They do appear to be seen in the UE4 editor and I can work with them just fine. Question is, how do I solve this issue? I have searched the internet high and low for a solution but can not find one article about it except the assets not appearing in the editor. Here are some screen shots that show what is happening and both at same location:

In editor

In Game

there is a ‘‘visible ingame’’ thing. not visible, a second one. all I can see.

Thank you for the kind response, Sorry the photo did not have enough lighting to show what is going on. Any how, the first photo shows the full contents as seen in the editor, the walls, flooring etc. The Second photo shows mainly the pillars, parts of the walls, etc., as seen while in game. By your statement of a “visible in game” thing, what may I ask what that is about? Sorry a bit confused there.