Why are orthographic views weird in UE?

Today While using UE5 I accidently open the orthographic views and surprisingly found out the Front and Top views are like this.

As you see, the horizontal axis of Top view is X whereas the horizontal axis of Front view is Y(and also points to the opposite direction). From the lessons I was taught at school and the experience of using other software, the Top view’ right direction and Front view’s right direction should be the same. This really confuses me so I tried UE4.26.1 which was previously installed on my disk and found out the same problem. So I googled it and found an official tutorial made with UE4.7 and the orthographic views are like

As you see this time it makes more sense. So I can come to this bold conclusion that in UE4.7 things still match our stereotype, however since an unknown version it changed. But why?