Why are my projectiles not hitting my physics actors?

So before 4.1 update happened I was testing out a very basic scene using First-Person Shooter blueprint. I created a level with a couple of chairs I imported and turned physics for chairs on so that they were default “PhysicsActor” under Collision Presets. I would fire at chairs with little orange projectiles that came in FPS Blueprint and everything worked as expected. chairs would get knocked around room from being shot with projectiles.

I took a break from Unreal for a while and when I came back after 4.1 upgrade PhysicsActors no longer seem to work way they did. I can walk into chair and push it around so physics does interact with my character, but anytime I shoot projectiles at chair they simply pass right through it as though it weren’t there. I tried changing Collision Preset to “BlockAll” and projectiles started bouncing off it but chair doesn’t move at all in that case. I don’t understand why projectiles no longer seem to interact with chair when Collision Preset is set to “PhysicsActor”. Any help on this is appreciated. Obviously this test level is some project that I need dire help on, but I’m trying to understand details of how this program operates so I can hopefully make something with interactive physics.

Hey jdoyle20,

If you create a new project from FPS template in 4.1, does same problem occur?

Actually if I create a new project from FPS Template in 4.1 physics seem to work fine. However, gun that my character is supposed to be shooting projectiles from is not there anymore. I can still shoot projectiles and everything, but there’s no gun model anymore.

I think part of this may have been my fault because I tried to move “Unreal Projects” directory to my secondary drive since I ran out of room on my SSD and I don’t think Unreal liked that. I thought I could fix any issues moving it had caused by simply moving directory BACK to where it was originally located, but maybe simple act of trying to move it in first place broke some of connections. Since I would prefer to have everything installed on my secondary drive I think I may just re-install Unreal 4 all together just to be safe.

You may need to import your gun mesh again, or make sure that .uasset for original is in correct folder location on your secondary drive.

If you decide to start over on your secondary drive with a fresh install, let us know if you run into any problems!


This is related to a bug fix that went in related to GenerateOverlapEvents.

details are outlined a bit more in 4.1 release notes, but short of it is that in 4.0 sample used OverlapEvents where as it now uses HitEvents.

easiest solution is to just remake template using 4.1

If you want to fix existing content you’ll need to tag static mesh actors as generating overlap events.

Sorry about any confusion