Why are my Montage Branch Points not moving

The documentation says that with left click on branch point in a montage I can move it around, but unfortunatly I can’t, any idea why? It doesn’t highlight either.

I’ll Second this one, i have the same problem, probably something very basic, but frustrating, any help is appreciated.

Hi Habaki,

Thank you for the feedback. This is a known issue that our developers are currently looking into. The only workaround is to delete and replace the branch point to the new location. I understand it’s not ideal, but this is the same workaround we are using internally as well.

Thanks, TJ

Any update to this bug?

Hi Smozius,

This bug hasn’t been fixed yet but it is in our queue, which means our developers are actively looking into it. We hope to have a fix as soon as possible.

Thanks, TJ