Why are my Data Asset references deleted in between editor sessions

Hey guys,

I have an actor component that, in its construction script, uses the Asset Registry to obtain a couple of references to Data Assets within the project directory. These are then stored in a map so I can later access them using an identifier at runtime. I’m doing this just for convenience so that I don’t have to manually drag&drop all the Data Assets I want onto the map properties in the editor. All of this works perfectly, but every time I close the editor and open it up again, all the references to the assets are gone. Is this the expected behavior? What I want is to just (manually) execute the construction script at some point so all the references are collected, save it, and then the references should just stay in there.

In another level, I’m doing something similar, although in that case obtaining references to objects within the level and these are persistent. Does my problem have something to do with these Asset References not being persistent in between sessions or do I have to manually save/serialize them somehow? I’m using UE 4.27 and blueprints, and am quite new to Unreal, so I might be trying to do something stupid here.

I’d appreciate your thoughts and suggestions on the subject.

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Seems it’s solved here.