Why are my BIND_POSES invalid when I import my skeletal mesh?

I’m trying to import a skeleton mesh, but everytime I do this it tells me that de BIND_POSES are invalid.
Any idea how to fix this?

this is the link to my file

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Hi Dave,

Checked with Lina and I believe the issue you are seeing has already been fixed in ver 4.2. I imported your fbx locally and received no errors. Please let us know if you are still seeing this error in 4.2.


I imported it into 4.2 and still show me a warning: “could not find the bind pose. It will use time 0 as bind pose
But I created a project in 4.1 and I don’t know if I open my project with 4.2 everything will work again. thats why I did not use 4.2 for now.

Hi, Dave, not sure what’s wrong with the FBX either. Looks all correct. I inquired this to Autodesk FBX team to see what exactly is wrong(one of API we’re using is returning invalid). Thanks for your patience. If you want, just create new animation with bind pose, and import mesh with time 0 option for bind pose, and then import animation separate by selecting skeleton. It is temporary workaround, but it is useful from time to time.

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Yeah, that’s kind of a problem I not an animator I trying to make the stealth prototype from unity inside Unreal4 so I dont know anithing abount animating stuff I can rig and skin him but that’s as far as I can go =S
Do you know another thing I can try?

I’m just looking for a character that can run,sneak,attract attention (example shout), raise a weapon (single handed), shoot , lower a weapon.
Is there any premade stuff in the Unreal engine which has these kind of animations?

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