Why are my 2 different attack animations not playing correctly?

Hi guys!

I have set up a character with two different attack animations now, but I am struggling to get both to play correctly. My animations are “converted” to animation montages and they both have separate slot names. When I debug, I can also see that the signals are passing through the appropriate nodes, both in the animation blueprint and the player blueprint, so right now Im not really sure what Im doing wrong.

Here is my anim graph, with a layered blend per bone node:

…And here is what I get when I try to play in the editor:

Any gurus out there that can help out?


The setup on your Layered Blend Per Node is what’s causing one of your montages not to play in-game, The node has two incoming blend poses, each affecting the same bones (Spine2 and up), and each with a full blend weight. So, whatever is getting input to Blend Pose 0 is getting immediately clobbered by the input of BlendPose 1. So, when something plays on your LightningStrike slot, the ‘Use cached pose’ from Blend Pose 1 plays over it.

It seems that you could set this up in a much simpler way by eliminating the second slot and Blend Pose. Since both montages are meant to play on the same bones, you could have a single slot node that both montages share, like ‘UpperBodyOnlySlot’.

Good luck!