Why are menu/Widget control systems STILL so impossibly complicated for gamepad

This is a mini-rant but it’s been years and I love all the improvements Unreal has made but there still has been what seems like no progress in their UMG systems for gamepad support. Nothing makes me more frustrated than getting stuck while trying to implement controller support for menus and widgets. Always makes me want to go through the pain of figuring out my programming in C# in Unity because I know over there, menus are the easiest thing ever (in terms of input and controller support)

I just want widget blueprints to be as plug and play for the controller as it is for Keyboard and Mouse

Its true… Epic should offer a FAQ to warn people. But they’re too busy / indifferent atm. Basically the real gotcha is, if you start out with Gamepad, its quite easy to add Mouse + Keyboard support later. Whereas starting with Mouse / Keyboard first is a big trap, as the Mouse / Keyboard system really needs to be driven off a custom Gamepad system, or else it can be an expensive rewrite (in Unreal anyway). Its arguably easier in other engines imo. :wink:

Did you guys try experimental Common UI in 4.27/5.0?

There’s no documentation for it yet, but it definitely looks like a new UI setup, designed from different control schemes from the ground up.
There’s common code for detecting input type, supporting analog cursor, etc. Also entire set of primitive widgets :slight_smile:

IMHO it’s not a big pain now, especially if designing UI for a gamepad from the day one, but it indeed requires a bit of reinventing the wheel. Adding some code for common functionalities. That plugins looks like solution for reducing that groundwork and boilerplate :slight_smile:

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