Why are marketplace items not quickly updated to latest engine

i want to tell you that im quite unhappy with the actual situation that marketplace items are updated very slow and people have to wait long time after beeing able to use them in the latest engine with latest features.
i now have many marketplace items but most stuff can not be used by launcher in the new projects.
of course i can manually convert it but in my personal opinion marketplace would be more attractive if the update would be within a week after a new major engine release. people should be able to use it with the launcher instead of messing around with manual converting, copy pasting as people just may not know it. also the unreal launcher is really nice and effective.

I contacted some sellers and their statements didn’t sound really high priorised to me or they had other things to do.
I heard that epic handles all that stuff like support!?

So are there any changes planned from official side?

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Hello! I’m sorry that you’re unhappy with the rate of content updates on the Marketplace. I made a post about this on the Marketplace forums and notified all sellers explaining the issue and the new process: Marketplace 4.10 content updates requested - Marketplace - Epic Developer Community Forums

In short, the Marketplace team used to update all content for sellers with each new version release. But between 4.8 and 4.9, the amount of content on the Marketplace nearly doubled, and we can no longer scale to accommodate that. We modified the Marketplace policy to require sellers to submit their updated content within ten days of each new point release, and we publish it as fast as we can get it. Currently, we have hundreds of content updates in hand that we’re publishing as fast as we can, in the order they’re received.

As for how we’re going to improve it, we’ve clarified the messaging and expectations of sellers, and I’m working with the team on automating as much of this as possible moving forward, especially with 4.10 coming up. I’m in several discussions right now on how best to approach this and keep content updated, because we want that updated content to go live as quickly as possible as much as you do.

Over the next few days we’ll have most of the content updated and published. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience. Publishing updates is our highest priority right now.

thank you for your detailed answer and the effort of you all!
best wishes