Why are Infiltrator assets missing material reference when transferred to another project?

When i go to add a static mesh from the Infiltrator demo (i imported them manually), they turn gray and the materials turn into checkered spheres.

I cannot migrate them as when i go to open the demo, my CPU usage jumps to 100% and nothing opens except for four swarm processes. Nothing loads and it just sits there… What should i do? I really need the assets from it but as you can see, nothing loads properly. Thank you so much!

Hello Xilo

The Infiltrato demo is very huge and takes a lot of time to load at the firs time. You need to be patiante to load it, it may take hours in the first time.
After load it, you will need to wait to compile all shaders, then you can migrate properly.

But does that explain why my computer literally turns braindead every time i try to load it? I mean, NO project has ever done that before but i guess i could just walk away from my computer for a while and let it load.

yes, it is normal, my PC did that too, the Infiltrator Project is VERYY heavy. don´t worry.

wow… i gotta get my self one of these: http://www.amazon.com/Intel-Xeon-Phi-7120P-Coprocessor/dp/B00FKG9R2Q :stuck_out_tongue: thanks man, marked as correct