Why are functions not wired like other nodes in Blueprint

Hello all,

I’m getting back into Unreal/Blueprints and noticed all nodes connect to other nodes but when calling out a function instead of that being another pin to wire to another node you have to create a node to “pick up” that function name then wire to another node, why not direct?

You may need to clarify what you mean. You have a function, you call it. There’s nothing to ‘pick up’ - not sure what that even means :expressionless:

Are you referring to the Target pin by any chance?

Yes, using pins to wire a function to another node

Yes, using pins to wire a function to another node

Not sure I fully understand but hear me out.

Imagine you made a Door actor blueprint and placed 3 instances of that actor in the level. Each actor has an Open function; calling it would play the appropriate animation for that door.

But you need to tell the editor which instance of the door actor you mean. That’s what the target pin is for.

Obtaining this target reference is circumstantial:

  • perhaps there’s a pop-up widget you click, calling target door
  • perhaps it’s proximity to the player, and the door will open (itself) when the player overlaps a trigger:
  • perhaps something hits the door and executes the function:

I’m begging to get it. Thanks for the info. Still transitioning from unity

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