Why are destructibles going through walls and the ground?

I now have DM going through walls and falling through the ground.

First I have seen this.

Falling through ground

Going through walls

Hi ,

Can you tell me which version of the engine you’re using? Is it still 4.6? Also, have you tweaked many settings in the DM or is this mostly default settings?

I’m going to try and replicate this on my end and see if I can get anything in the mean . I’ll report back if I find anything.



Hi Tim

This is what I have done.

First one is New Level, with a BSP added as wall. Second one I added landscape to see if they would fall through. Still fall through (Not seen in video)

The Blueprint for movement


Destructible Mesh

No other changes. If you tell me where, I will upload level for you to look at.

No need for the project this is you have. That is appreciated though! :slight_smile:

I did setup a simple example similar to what you have, but I’ve been using just s radial force actor to toss my destructible into the wall. I will give you BP version a test and see what I can get. If I have any other questions I’ll let you know.

Thanks for getting back so quickly!


Am using 4.6 Sorry

Yeah, actually do you mind post a link to download the project here. I’ve not been able to get this replicated on my end. :confused:

If you have access to a google drive, drop box, or you can upload to TinyUpload.com and post the link here or send to me privately. either will work.

Thanks !


Compressing now. 700mb compressed.

Next 24 hours - http://tempsend.com/50632FBB5E

Hi ,

Thanks for posting that. The problem that you’re seeing isn’t related to the DM but how the BP is setup. You’re treating the DM like a projectile by using the Projectile Movement component. Since the DM is the root of the scene when it fractures the root bone is has no collision it will not collide with the landscape or anything. While the fracture pieces will collide. When you see the pieces disappear through the meshes it’s because the root is getting far enough away that it’s pulling the pieces with it.

This is demonstrated in my gif here. You can see the root of the BP is the axis widget. It will shoot on through and keep going thus pulling the pieces when it’s far enough away.


If you add a Sphere/capusule component to the component (it can be a child of the DM as the root) this will keep the DM from getting too far away from the root because the capsule will prevent the BP from falling into oblivion.

I know you have the canon ball/catapult idea you’re trying to do. Would this be the reason to use a projectile movement? There are probably some other ways to handle this as well if this is unacceptable.

Here is the uasset for the DM: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=00936615593442019207

Just drop this in your Blueprints folder in your project folder location.

There is a problem right now with its collision on landscapes, but it works well with other geometry. I’ll have to look into the collision with landscape stuff and see if it’s something I’m not settings or what’s going on. Probably something I’ve not set correctly though. I don’t use Landscapes at really. :confused:


Thanks Tim,

Will look at that when I get home from work. Trying to work out variables and inaccuracy when firing. Also looking in to how archer’s arrows will drop off over distance and having arrows go from facing up to facing downwards while in mid air is going to do my head in, I can see that coming.