Why are building LODs crashing the editor?

I have just recently migrated my project to UE4.20 from UE4.19 and I am now having issues with building the LODs. Each time I try to build the LODs, it will get to approx 5% then the editor will freeze for some time then crash and close out with out any message on what it causing it. I am also unable to build the project as well for again, when it gets to the LODs part, it will freeze then crash and close out the editor. I have tried deleting the LOD build files, the worlds build files then rebuilding them and still have the same issue. Any one have any idea on how to solve this? Or do I just need to go back to UE4.19 again?

Any one have any idea why I am UNABLE to build LODS? I am now having the same issue after migrating to UE4.21 Been having this same issue since November 2018. Any one have any info on how to fix this yet?

It has not been since March of 2019 since I had posted this post. Does any one yet till this day (5 months later) have any suggestions or tips on why I am having so much problems when it comes to creating LODs? I have even created NEW projects and still having the same issue even after uninstalling the Engine and even upgrading to the current version. So far, I am about to give Unreal an “F” rating and even a “F-” grade for support. I am so attempting to toss this Unreal in the trash and look for another engine to use.