Why are blueprint variable links broken in a game mode if i don't open a custom struct first (and causing crash)?

This may or may not be a cyclical dependency issue, but i can’t track down the offending asset. First the editor wouldn’t open without crashing. So, I changed the default map in the config to ‘entry’ so it would always load. then, when evaluating the game mode, if i open the game mode, links to character and player controller variables are broken. however, if i open a struct first, and then open the game mode, the links won’t break. in either case, any attempt at opening a level that implements the game mode in question, crashes the editor.

Any help on how to troubleshoot this? Have been hunting any cyclical dependencies, but can’t find any. There still may be one, but does behavior like this with the struct imply any other issue?

Structs are touchy that is for darn sure. As well as the symbol table in the Blueprint editor (one can recreate a myriad of errors). It sounds to me, that by opening the struct that is forcing the symbol table to be updated, hence it can find, what it’s looking for in terms of the variables, etc.

In the game mode, is there a way right at the beginning to declare a variable, that instantiates the struct, in a dummy fashion? You don’t have to be using it, just get it declared, such that the editor, is forced to load it, right from the start, to force it into the symbol table?

While this is no fix to be sure, just a work around, it might get you back up and running.


thanks @jayice . i’ll give this a shot at some point. in the meantime, i was able to resolve the issue by leaving the struct with all default values (null, false, 0, etc) after which for some reason it loaded properly when the game mode was implemented.

Good to know, and thank you for that information as well!