Why Are All My Players Health Bars Taking Damage?

On my player blueprint I run a damage event when pressing shift. This event runs on the server then to a multicast event, finally updating the health bar. But when I click shift it does damage to all other clients in the game instance. While not updating the player’s health bar to other clients. Mainly, my issue is that the damage is being done to all players.

Health variable is set to replicate.

I am new to replication and multiplayer so help would be appreciated, and if you need me to clarify things just ask.

Is it possible that all your characters share the same health bar UI?

I have one character blueprint with a widget component, I am using the same UI but it would seem unreasonable to use a new UI for every character spawned. In the second image I send the update event to what I thought was only the UI connected to that player but maybe its send to the others, I’m not sure why? Do I need to make a new UI for each player?