Why are all Array nodes unaligned to grid?

I’m curious if anyone knows if there’s an answer to this, or if there has been suggestions / roadmap tasks related to it. All the array nodes (Shuffle, Remove, Add, etc) are completely unaligned to every other node in Blueprints, which makes keeping the execute line straight and clean really difficult.

Obviously this isn’t a huge impediment to scripting (which is why I assume it has stayed this way for years now), but it definitely lowers QoL when working in blueprints all day every day. I can’t even create a custom function library for arrays, since you can’t create wildcard output/inputs in blueprint functions.

You can align them if you select 2 nodes you want to align, right click and select Alignment-> Straighten Connections
As for wildcards - you can use a macro instead

Good to know macros take wildcards. Might push for eventually replacing the existing array library with macros if our coders think that’s possible. Thanks for that.

I’m obsessive about clean alignment, shift+x is my most common keystroke. However, aligning one end means unaligning the other end, since the EXECUTE and THEN node points on things like Append, Remove, Add, etc are inherently unaligned and frankly seem randomly positioned. If you straight all execute pins going down a long chain of array nodes, you get an awkward step-wise adjustment of other nodes off the grid. I’m not sure what value was gained by positioning them where they are, other than I assume UE4 devs didn’t originally anticipate any users actually respecting the grid.

There is a rumor going around that the Array Blueprint Nodes are intentionally made that way so that they are easily identifiable as Array Nodes when seen from afar.

That’s fair, though I’m sure this could be done in a way that still respects grid alignment.

Oh well, I can only hope one day they’ll do something about it, but I know most BP users I’ve seen don’t use grid alignment at all. /shrug

Thanks for the info.

I think there might a couple of different small things that contribute to the issue, not some design behind that.
As far as I can tell there is vertical spacing difference between nodes with and without titles, with and without accompanied text, with or without checkbox for boolean and etc. For example, there is same macro with titled, connected and unconnected nodes. Look at different spacing and alignment for each of them. Also pay attention how different left and right sets of nodes and that whole node size is based on max size of elements. I believe it’s better to tone down or turn off entirely OCD for blueprints because there is soooo much crazy small issues which are not crucial and won’t be fixed anytime soon

You can do that even faster with a rightclick on the pin.