Why application creates two processes?

When I run packaged application, it creates one parent process and one child process. How to avoid this and have only one process? Also when I try to kill parent process by PID it does not work and both processes continue to work.

Process name: PixelStreamingDemo.exe
PID: 3252
Memory: 996К
Path: "C:\PixelStreamingDemo\Distribution\WindowsNoEditor\PixelStreamingDemo.exe"

Process name: PixelStreamingDemo.exe 
PID: 7864
Memory: 199512К
Path: "C:\PixelStreamingDemo\Distribution\WindowsNoEditor\PixelStreamingDemo/Binaries/Win64/PixelStreamingDemo.exe"

Unreal has a number of threads which is probably what you are seeing. There is Threaded Rendering | Unreal Engine Documentation threaded rendering, multi threaded animation updates Animation Optimization | Unreal Engine Documentation and a ton of other threads such as network and physics threads. You can minimize them by turning features off and down. Switching to the forward renderer. That said by doing this, by running everything on a single thread you will see a performance hit as resources won’t be available from other cores in a CPU.

I know the difference between process and thread and I definitely see two processes. I updated my question with some details.