Why animation won't import into UE4?

If I export an animation from UE4 to FBX and load in Maya it loads fine, if I then export that same animation from maya back out to FBX and import into UE4 It will not import. Does the FBX need to be a certain year verison of FBX? I was using 2016/2017. I’ve check animation. When I try to import into ue4 it says "
Could not find any valid mesh on the root hierarchy. If you have mesh in the sub hierarchy, please enable option of [Import Meshes In Bone Hierarchy] when importing"

When I export from Maya I have the root bone selected and the mesh selected. Why is it not valid?

Is it possible that you have checked Import Meshes in UE4’s FBX Import Options but there are no meshes in your FBX files? Just a skeleton and animations?

It turns out that I needed to remove the skeleton hierarchy, and the mesh from the group container, then select them both, then export.