Why Android Back input doesn't work ?

Why Android Back input doesn’t work ?


I do this but when I package it does not work , do I miss something ?


where are you calling android back?
is a ControllerBlueprint?
if it is so are you sure is included on gameMode?

For testing it assign a keyboard key (lol) to quit game where you have android back now. if the game is no quiting on editor that means your blueprint is never called

I put your Android Back and Quit nodes in the level blueprint and it worked fine.

in my game I attempt to use the “android back” button from my main character to change the camera, this doesn’t work

will it only work if we use it from the level blueprint?

Did you enable input?

sorry for the delay, I had to test - yes I do call that node, and still no reaction.

question tho, am I expected to call that node? I had always made the assumption input was on by default, in my game I disable / renable input when i go into the menus - so for my test I went into my menu then came back (and this node was called) and it behaved the same

I Found the problem it was because I use this


thank you very much :o