Why an empty project weights about 200MB?

I’m trying to make a mobile game with UE4. When I package the project, a .apk is created and its size is about 70MB, but when I install the game in the mobile, its size in the internal memory is about 200MB (which is a lot considering that most of the games in play store weight less than 100MB). I thought that this happens because in the .apk everything is compressed and my game had textures, animations and meshes among other things. So, I tried to create a blank project (with no starter content) and do the same think, I packaged the project with a completely empty level and the .apk weighted 50MB, and after the installation, it occupied 170MB on the internal memory of the phone.
My conclusion was that it was not because of the content of my game that it weighted 200Mb, but because of the engine is packaging something that I don’t want.

The settings I changed for packaging both times are:
Exclude editor content when cooking: YES
Cook only maps: YES
List of maps to include: The map I created
All textures compression: 0

Are those sizes normal? Am I forgetting some setting?

The .apk of the blank project shows that 38,5MB of the enitre file are code from the engine. Does that mean that it is impossible to create games for smartphones with UE4 with less than 38MB?

Same here, I was trying to create a app for Android, but I switched to Unity because the size of final file. The main reason UE4 build a .aab or .apk too big is because the libue4.so, it is included on build.

I built with my asset content 82MB after trying optimize all methods. I got package size is 190MB.
But when I delete all my asset to 0MB and completely empty map. The package is 160MB.
How It’s possible? I’m really confused. Anyone have solution to this? Please help.

Hi all,

Just wanted to post this doc here for posterity!

@Sengchor I dont have a good answer for you, but if you’re packaging for PC you can uncheck Project Settings → Use Pak File to see individual files. If it’s an apk you can open it with an unzipping tool.


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Thank you. After I migrate all maps to a completely new empty project. I can archieve 96MB package size with my asset content 82MB. I can’t believe my eyes because this empty new project is 125MB package size.