Why am I unable to rotate vehicle?

So I started with the basic vehicle sample(the blueprint one), and I just want to rotate the main pawn(the vehicle), but apparently, the script does nothing, take a look:

I have the same problem.

so what are we supposed to do now?! vehicle rotation is a very basic thing, yet is not accepted?!

i’d also like to know how to rotate the vehicle other than with the steer method.

Looks like other people have the same issue with me… I suppose none of you have found out any kind of solution? I used everything that had to do with actor and rotation :confused:

Hi guys
What are using to “update” those nodes? event tick?

Hello everyone,

This is something that affects SetActorLocation in the same way so you should be able to read the answer here for more information:

Due to PhysX controlling the vehicle, this won’t work by default. The best option may be to turn off Simulate Physics for the vehicle, rotate it, and then turn it back on. This isn’t intended functionality but that workaround may be helpful.

Have a nice day!