Why am I unable to call a custom event via Cast to Character?

I am stuck: I have a character called “my character” and I am trying to cast to it from another blueprint. I have set up the “get player character” and the “cast to mycharacter” but the custom event won’t show up?

Hi 4ndy. Post a couple of screen grabs, one of the character BP and one of the other blueprint. Ta

Here it is. I also can’t cast to my Animation BP…


Thank you robbiecooper, I did exactly that. Still doesn’t work. No matter what I try…

Hey 4ndy, I’ve got some custom events set up, and how the event is named in one BP is exactly the same as how it is referenced in the other. Your events are called startruning in one and Startrunning in the other. Check to see that you are using what you set up in mycharacter, from the game blueprint.

I tried to set up a custom event node in one of my blueprints, with a lower case first letter. I couldn’t do it. Regardless of whether I wrote the name of the event on the node itself or in the details panel, the first letter was automatically turned into an upper case letter. Are you creating the event node, in mycharacter, by right clicking in the eventsgraph and then event, custom event? Once you’ve done that, created your custom event, you should then compile, go to the other blueprint, cast to my character, and when you drag off a wire from cast to mycharacter, your custom event should be available…

Ok lets go over this is the to start. When you cast to something and you pull off a node from the AS mycharacter or whatever blueprint are casting to you will get a variable or event that exist in that MYCHARACTER/other blueprint.

I don’t understand why you are trying to create another event.

Also I think you are trying to do the event backwards?

To elaborate on what DJMidKnight was saying, dragging off pins (execution or otherwise) is context sensitive and to be able to call the custom events from your Character blueprint, you’ll need to drag off the As MyCharacter pin on the Cast To node, not the execution pin of the Cast To.

Thank you guys, that worked! I did not drag of the “As Mycharacter” pin but the exec pin.

DjMidKnight, I have one BP that basically controls the game but I wanted character specific stuff to fire off the character BP such as Jumping, Speed, Rotation etc. As I saw it, there are specific functions that are only accessible on the character BP. I don’t know if I understand it correctly, I’ll try to rethink my logic.

Besides, I wouldn’t know how to cast from the character BP back to the regular BP since there is no “cast to” function, is there?

But anyways, many thanks for the help! Simple stuff, but still gave me a headache :slight_smile: