Why am I seeing trace firing issues?

Hi there, I’m currently trying to figure out shooting in the third person perspective, I was aiming for an instant type of bullet, similar to how cod seems to have theirs set up, but enough of that. what I was doing was testing some methods to get a simple bullet spread working.

As you can see from the images below, that’s what I have for the blueprint for just firing off the trace, I just use the trace for a visual thing, and will probably find a way to apply that to a projectile. You can see there that the trace seems to only fire off on an angle there(I’ve clicked rapidly and it makes a random direction but only along that axis.)

Any help for how to solve this or any info to point me in the right direction would be gladly appreciated, thanks.

Your random node returns the same numbers for every vector component, so its movement is linear.

To fix that you’d like to use 3 random nodes, still not sure if that will fully fix it.

Yep, use a random node for each separate random number you want.

Yeah that works, thanks a bunch.