Why am I seeing a black screen on Android?


I have problem that, if i run project on Android tablet, i see only black screen, and after like 3secs the project minimalizes itself, and android returns to “desktop”.

If i display launched processes on android its still running.

But if i launch mobile preview in UE Editor, its ok.

How can i debug what is causing problem ???



What is your default start map?

Hi bird, its my custom map. I already created some other projects for android and it worked. Now i will try to create another simply android project. IF is problem in this one project or generally.

Edit: in this problem Project i added Blueprint pawn, which i set him as auto posses to player 0, may be it is problem… The map didnt have even player start, but it works on PC plattform… so i tried for example add the player start.

Hm, the other simple android project works. So probably there is some problem with custom blueprint pawn or something.

Edit2: Whops… Now it works, i inspected the World settings game mode and default pawn, but i think it was selected the correct pawn. Strange.

Anyway, if there is some way how to debug similar problems like that (i tried to look in android system log, but there was nothing) someone can advice how to do that.