Why am I recieving a Blueprint compile error on project open?

When I open a project there is a single blueprint that throws a compile warning form time to time.

I can open the blueprint, hit compile and it’s all fine though. I’m not sure what is causing it or how to resolve it as the blueprint itself is fine.

I am moving this project around using dropbox though so maybe it’s a caching thing?

could you please post an image of your blueprint ?

The blueprint is pretty chunky, I can’t get a picture of it all and be legible.

I’ve taken shots of all the nodes showing an error and cut them together.

Hitting compile fixes the errors instantly.

Ok, So I tracked it down, had to pull it apart node by node.

I had a cast to a game mode (top right of the previous image) that was freaking out every time the project was opened.

I fixed it by removing it and replacing it with an interface. Works nicely now.

In my case I found out that there is a name conflict for my interface event. But there wasn’t any duplicate. I just fixed it by deleting the previous interface function and created a new one. And it worked perfectly. No more errors on startup.

Hope it helps.