Why am I only able to sculpt or landscape paint on corners of these boxes?

When I try to sculpt it won’t work in spots. I took out my landscape material and now can see clearly that it’s only letting me sculpt or landscape paint on the corners of these boxes. If I try to sculpt in the middle of any of these boxes nothing will happen resulting in inaccurate sculpting and landscape paint. The only solution I’ve found so far is to paint over my whole landscape with all of my layers then it works for a little bit. Then it reverts back to this making working on my project nearly impossible. I’m stuck in my project until I can figure this out. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

A little more info: If when I go over my whole landscape with all my layers and “shaders compiling” doesn’t pop up it doesn’t fix it. Therefore my theory is that something is happening when shaders compile that should be happening all the time. I’m just stumped on what that is though.

Yes I have. I’ve tried multiple projects in UE 4.23 and it does this for all of them. So I uninstalled UE4.23 and reinstalled it and the problem persists

kinda sounds like a vertex issue like its trying to paint / sculpt only at vertices. possible but not sure. have you tried creating another detailed landscape to work with?

It’s doing it in 4.22.3 too? This doesn’t make sense

Well… But isn’t this how it should work? I don’t think landscapes use tesselation. So it only has the vertices to paint on. No? (I don’t have much experience with landscapes, but had the same “problem” so I had to use a more detailed landscape)

I don’t think this is how it should work. Once I cover my whole landscape with all my layers and “compiling shaders” triggers then it doesn’t work like this. If I zoom in more there’s a bunch of smaller squares and I believe it works like how you mention with those smaller squares but I’ve never had this problem before. Usually if I wanted to sculpt it would sculpt wherever my brush is. If this is how it’s supposed to work I don’t see how I can sculpt a path because I’d only be able to sculpt where the corners of these boxes are. It does this for landscape paint too