Why am I not taking control of the correct character

I have two characters in my level, the default UE4 mannequin and a custom mannequin I’m messing with.

I’ve assigned the skeletal mesh and gave it a camera. I’ve placed the character in the level. I’ve changed the default pawn class in project settings to the new custom character. I’ve disabled the auto possess character and input controls for the default character, and enabled them for player zero on the custom character. But when I press play it still starts me as the default character. I haven’t assigned him any blueprints but I expected it to show the camera view of him at the very least.

What gives?

what happens if you delete the default character?


Have you also updated the Game Mode so that the default pawn is your new character? The Game Mode may be overriding your project settings in this case if it hasn’t been updated.

I hope this helps!

I haven’t tried that because my objective is to understand and be able to resolve switching between two playable characters. But I did give it an attempt, and that worked at making my custom character playable, even when I added him back in. It’s a short term solution and I still don’t understand why, but it worked this time.