Why am I not Getting the Results I need?

When I am near object it sits.

But after that the character for some ■■■■■■■ reason sits everywhere on the stage now.

Why is that happening?

as You can see My Character is facing the wrong ■■■■■■■ side. and am struggling to get her to face the right way. I am busy on one ■■■■■■■ thing for 3 months now. I have followed tutorials and downloaded a few content. except the characters and props I created, textured, and rigged myself.

Going in for an Emergency Operation will not be able to answer for 2 weeks. Please be advise I am working on this to get income to pay for my medicals. but no one cares how I make my money. So Please a little help would be ■■■■■■■ great. Thanks.

So Far My Results look Like this and only Need to Create the enemies and the 3 worlds. It would go allot quicker if I had help. But still need realism in the characters as you can see I don’t know layer blending and so forth. I know the mask side but merging to materials into one is still a dumb particle in my head.