Why am I not able to find Datasmith importer plugin?

Hi I wanted to find out why am i not able to find the Datasmith importer so that i can import import rhino files directly into unreal engine. Other option i tried was an OBJ file import but the obj file seems to be 10 GB once converted from Rhino. ( which is extremely large and crashes unreal engine)


To import Rhino files with Datasmith uses the Datasmith CAD importer process. Please see the documentation:

If you are saying that you cannot locate the Datasmith plugin at all; first make sure you have registered for the Unreal Studio Beta. If you have registered for the Beta, and still cannot locate the plugin, then please contact support at the link: https://unrealstudiohelp.epicgames.com/s/case-community-page?language=en_US


I think i have the beta version downloaded and signed in. But i don’t see it on the launcher.

I have an unpaid version of unreal engine. and i am trying to learn unreal engine

Please try signing out of your account on the Launcher, and then sign back in again. It is possible that the Launcher may need to update your permissions.

You should see a new section below the “MY PROJECTS” session called “UNREAL STUDIO BETA”.

I have confirmed that your account has successfully registered for the Unreal Studio Beta.