Why am I not able to create project files?

When trying the compile this version of the Unreal Engine(4.26.2) the setup.bat files runs fine. But when I execute the GenerateProjectFiles.bat I get the output shown below in the image. From what I can tell there are no VS Project or solution files created. It does not even create the intermediate or Saved folders where they would reside once the have been built by this batch file. l have reinstalled VS2019 from scratch and validated the setup to match the documentation. I am not even trying to use any of these SDK at the current time. Has anyone else seen this issue? If so how did you resolve it? Thank in advance for any help.

Not familiar with building from source but do you have to use that .bat file? Have you tried launching the UE4 executable and creating a blank project from there?

I found the solution to this issue within the unreal documentation. I found the following link

Here is described where and how the file BuildConfiguration.xml is located and used. Within this file located under the folder User Folder/AppData/Roaming/Unreal Engine/UnrealBuildTool/BuildConfiguration.xml the tool using the build the source code had been switch from VS 2019 to Rider for Unreal Engine. Once I modified and changed this file back to it default setting things are working again like that described in the Github repo for the Unreal Engine Source.

Hope this will help other if they run into the same issue.