Why am I having an issue with the SVN repository and iOS deployment with every update?

Every update has destroyed functionality with both my SVN repository and my ability to deploy on an ios device (Which both had been working just fine before each update.) It’s like pulling teeth to get both to work again. This is happening on my mac. I am not sure converting a project on a pc destroys the project’s features or not.

  1. I am still struggling to get SVN working. At first it was an auth issue. I’ve been instructed to delete the hidden subversion auth data. Did that but now SVN is complaining that the version of the repository is off.

  2. I have to recreate the project and migrate all the original project’s assets into the new project in order for the ios deployment to work again. This isn’t a very good solution IMHO.

This has seriously hampered any forward momentum for our project over the last 3 months. Anybody know what’s up with all this madness?


Regarding your SVN connection issues; Can you please provide as much information as possible about the issue so we can help you get back on track?

Posting the whole file from your startup log (found in /Saved/Logs) would be really helpful.

Also any details about how and where your SVN repo was created would be great (e.g. locally, on a local network or via some hosting provider?).

So, it would appear that svn 1.8 is not compatible with the cloudforge servers. Is there anything I can do to revert 4.2 to use the svn 1.7 again?

I’m sorry but I have no idea what they were talking about in the other thread lol. I don’t build the unreal code from github nor any other code. I enjoy working in UE 4 for that specific reason; I don’t have to touch code to make a good game. Unfortunately, there has been a SVN problem with each release so far. Can we get a hotfix so that we can actually work as a team on the project and still use cloudforge on a mac? Thanks.

Check this Answer here:


We are looking into upgrading/downgrading the version we supply with the engine on Mac as 1.8.1 has had issues (although on Windows its working fine).

As the above answer says, in the interim you can replace the version of SVN we use in the app’s directory if you need to access these cloud providers from Mac.

As an update to this, 4.4 shipped with an upgrade to SVN 1.8.9 on Mac. It should now be possible for users to run SVN on Mac over HTTPS connections.

If there are any issues remaining, they may be related to the use of the Mac keychain, so if you are still unable to connect then you may need to follow something like these instructions on how to get your password remembered in the keychain. Bear in mind that the version of SVN you should be running on the command line for those instructions to work is the one in the “Engine\Binaries\ThirdParty\svn” directory.