Why am i getting these errors. im following a tutorial

So i started following this tutorial i downloaded that is using C++ to make certain things in a game and when I follow the tutorial all i seem to be getting straight off the bat is these errors.

I am using VS2015 Community and when I make a new C++ Project in UE4.15 and then add a new C++ Class to my project all i get are these errors.

Am i missing plugins or something else? Things like ASCharacter and Super; they are already put into the project files when the file gets made. But for some reason my stupid VS2015 thinks they are errors.

What’s wrong with my VS???

Also, the functions inside the cpp are defined in the header file.

This problem is not related to VS; VS is just a front-end for Microsoft’s C++ compiler. From the information you have provided, I suspect that your header and source files are not located correctly, thus the compiler cannot find the SCharacter.h file to #include in your SCharacter.cpp file.

ok, so how do i fix this problem?

In VS, when i hover over the #include SCharacter.h i am getting an error message popping up saying it cannot open the SCharacter.h file and yet; it is sitting right there in the project folder. i can physically see the file. Why cant VS access that file?

i am using UE4.15 source version engine and all i did was create a new C++ project and add a new C++ class by opening the project in blueprint form and went to file->new c++ class and clicked on public.

header file was placed into public folder and .cpp file into private. Exactly the same way the tutorial showed. yet mine is broken and his is not.

What other information can i give that can help sort out why my files are not getting created properly. The reason why i am using the source version is because the launcher version does not work for me on windows 10. Everytime i try to right click to open a menu or even left click on drop down menus, they do not open. So i had to make the source version with 1 line removed and now my right click and drop down menus work. Except for making C++ class files correctly -,-

Please don’t use answers to respond to posts or ask other questions. It may be convenient to you, but it makes life more difficult for those answering as well as those coming here with similar issues via web search.

As to your issue. If it’s just a tutorial then you can zip up the project (Just Config/Content/Source directories and the uproject file). We can take a look and save everyone some time.

Here is the link to the whole project…I know you said just 3 folders and the .uproject file but seeing how it’s also a C++ project i figured just give the whole thing over.

Link to project…

I am still having trouble with this. Doesn’t matter what hard drive i make the project on. It keeps on doing it. The .cpp file cannot access the .h file.

How do i make the files be located properly? I am guessing it’s a windows admin rights issue not creating the files properly. But i dont know how to fix it

Change #include "SCharacter.h" to #include "Public/SCharacter.h"; As I have previously mentioned, this is a file location problem. You decided to make ASCharacter a public class w.r.t. UE4’s class system, so it created the files in the Source/Public folder.

I still need help please. Is there something inside VS2013/15 that i am meant to be doing before creating any new c++ class files in the UE.Editor?

Your issue stems from the “Plugins” section of your uproject file. If you edit that in the VS editor, you will see it is referencing two plugins.

Those plugins are not there for the project to find. You need to add a “Plugins” folder to your project directory and add the plugins there.

On the “LE Extended” plugin page (here) there is a section of the description that explains how to get the plugin into your project. And I found this info on installing the Substance plugin. They should be pretty similar.

Get those two where they need to be and re-generate the project files (you MUST do this). I suggest starting from a clean project – no intermediate files as I suggested before.

I just Regenerated my code from .exe in the project folder. that fixed my problems