Why am i getting these error im folloing a tutorial in YT

i get this errors
[SM5] (Node TextureSample) Coercion failed: MaterialFloat4 Local18 = (Local17 / Material.ScalarExpressions[2].z);
: float4 → float2
[SM5] (Node TextureSample) Coercion failed: MaterialFloat4 Local12 = (Local11 / Material.ScalarExpressions[2].z);
: float4 → float2

It’s because you’re connecting the wrong type of nodes together. You’re plugging a node that gives a 4-vector as output into a node that expects a 2-vector.

I can’t see right now which one that is, but…

EDIT: I think it’s the world position into the normal, try disconnecting that.

its on the simple texture

i make it work it really was plugging to wrong node