Why am I getting poor performance on iMac?

Hey guys,

Quick question. I have a pretty new iMac with following specs:

Model: iMac (Mid 2011)
OS: OS X 10.9.2 / Bootcamp Windows 8.1 64bit
Processor: Intel i7-2600 3.4GHz
Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 6970M

I have installed UE4 and it runs on both OS X & Windows (bootcamp) sides of my computer. problem, is performance. Whether I’m in OS X or Windows, performance in-editor and in-game is horrid. Even after turning all rendering settings to low, I’m still getting at max 15 fps. This is without anything else running and tons of memory available. I just don’t get it. My iMac handles most games and graphic intense applications on high or very high settings, but for some reason UE4 is too much even when set to lowest settings.

Anyone experiencing same thing or have a solution?

Thanks in advanced!

Hey mitchtreece,

Check out this information an iMac user posted about upgrading his performance and see if it works for you:

Hope that helps!

Hey ,

Thanks for help! Unfortunately this didn’t resolve my issue :frowning: Any other tips?

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Thank you.