Why am i getting "Payment refused by PayPal, please use a different funding source."

Hi, im trying to buy a item from the marketplace, i have account balance but its not enough to pay what i want so i put account balance and paypal option.
When it starts to process i get this message “Payment refused by PayPal, please use a different funding source.”
The thing is that i have money to pay the rest on paypal but i keep getting that error… I could pay with credit card but i cant use my account balance that way and i dont want to pay full price and keep the account balance… What should i do?

i had the same problem and the following method solved it:

I simply deleted my payment method (paypal) on my epic games account and added it again afterwards.

Also i deleted my bank information on paypal and added it again (but this is not necessary i think, because the problem is on the epic games platform probably)

I know, the solution comes late, scince your message is from april 2016, but maybe future people stumble across the same problem.

Have a great day!