Why am i getting errors?

Hi, i am getting error messages and cannot figure out why. I am spawning a box trigger that then sets a boolean to true when the player is overlapping.(trigger blueprint)


after the box trigger spawns, i am using an event tick and branch to check if boolean/overlapping is true but i am getting theese errors.

If i swap the event tick for an input action (P) then i don’t get the error messages and the function works but i need it to constantly be checking with the event tick. (level blueprint)


any help would be appreciated, thanks!!

My guess is that your event tick run and reference to your object when it hasn’t been spawned yet, result in error message. So either you spawn your object, assign it to an variable, then reference that variable with your tick event, check for valid before doing anything else. or from the return value, drag is valid node, connect it with your tick event, then connect the branch node that check for heat bo to the valid out put.

Awesome, using the is valid node worked! thanks for your help!