Why am I getting a gray screen in a packaged Top Down C++ project for Android?

When packaging the Top Down C++ template (clean no custom code added yet) for android and running the game on my Galaxy s4 it is just a grey screen.

Using the 4-tap console I can use commands such as “stat fps” and see that it is actively running but I can only see a grey screen with some ‘noise’ to the texture of it.

I’ve tried disabling Mobile HDR in the project settings and I made sure all post-processing was off in the Global post process volume in the example map. Is there anything else I’m missing?

Hi Alters, what process did you use to package and deploy the game?

I’ve tried using File->Package Project for Android and then running the bat as well as Launch->Launch on Android device.

I should note (that I forgot to note above, my apologies) that I am running on the Hotfix build as I was unable to compile C++ code prior to this for Android. I am still using a clean Top Down C++ template though currently and have yet to add any code for this test compile.

This sounds like it may be a new issue. I’m investigating now.

Thanks. If you need me to test anything on my end just let me know.

Tested this today with the proper release of 4.0.2 on a newly generated project. Still getting the same problem unfortunately.

I finally managed to solve this and it ends up it was simply user-error.

From browsing the Android UE4 forums hoping for an answer or someone else to have the issue too I noticed this thread: Black screen on app startup - Mobile - Unreal Engine Forums

In the thread Xenogenik mentions that you must press “Set as default” when changing packaging settings.

Even though “Mobile HDR” is saved and remembers it’s off between restarts, without pressing “Set as default” it doesn’t actually package that way.

I don’t know if I missed a message somewhere about this but it should probably be a little more clear. :slight_smile:

Hopefully this helps someone else with the same problem.