Why am I downloading 4.1?

When the launcher came out it started downloading 4.1. I already have 4.1 installed. 2.6 gigs. Is this necessary?

So it is 4.1.1?

They are effectively different engines, so yes, unfortunately, it is. I’d expect that normal behaviour would be to switch to 4.1.1 and then get rid of 4.0.2

Hi ,

We are still on version 4.1.0

If you already had version 4.1.0, and you made no changes, then I cannot currently explain why it would download the engine again. We will watch for this issue. Please let us know if it occurs again.

Thank you for the report.

4.1.1 was pushed to github i’d expect the release to marketplace to be later today/early tomorrow at the latest.

So it could be downloading that

That is probably because he installed Unreal Engine from setup, and then also compiled Unreal Engine from source.

And now the Unreal Engine shortcut from setup wants to download the engine itself.